Lassi Paunonen

Associate Professor in Mathematics


On this page you can find links to the research-related software I have developed. More links (including links to simulation codes related to my publications) can be found on the Software page of my research group. If you find the software useful, I would be very happy to hear about it!

RORPack for Matlab and Python

RORPack ("Robust Output Regulation Package") is an open source toolbox for robust output tracking and disturbance rejection control of linear (approximated) controlled PDE and ODE systems. The package includes functionality for automated controller construction, closed-loop simulation, and visualisation of results, as well as a number of example files on control of linear PDE systems (1D and 2D heat equations, wave equations, etc.).

RORPack is available as a Matlab toolbox and a Python library. The Python library was released in 2019, and the Matlab version in 2021. Both versions are available on Github, and they include documentation in PDF format.

 RORPack for Matlab download:
 RORPack for Python download:, documentation available also on arXiv.